Product Instructions

Finish Options—Assembled & Finished Furniture

Oil and Wax

Shaker Workshops recommends using an oil and wax finish only on our cherry furniture pieces, or alone on other woods for those customers who prefer a clear finish with no stain. Oil finish provides a pleasing, clear, low gloss look to wood surfaces. If scratched, an oil finish can be easily repaired by applying another coat of oil finish to the damaged area. It is a historically appropriate finish to use on many types of reproduction furniture including Shaker reproductions.

Exceptions. We recommend using a lacquer finish for the following applications:

  • Dining Table Tops. Furniture that will get everyday use and where spills of liquids are common. Furniture that is washed down regularly with soap and water.
  • When using any Shaker Workshops® stains. We recommend using a lacquer finish over our water-based stains. Oil finish will not provide a satisfying luster over these water-based stains.
  • Cherry Furniture. We do not use lacquer finishes on our furniture that is made out of cherry wood. We only offer an oil and wax finish on cherry furniture. When finished with oil and wax cherry wood ages to a beautiful luster and patina which cannot be achieved with a lacquer finish.


    Lacquer is the standard hard finish used on furniture sold at virtually all furniture stores. Shaker Workshops uses a high quality water based lacquer. We have found this to be a durable, quality finish which is both environmentally “friendly” and much less toxic for our craftspeople to apply. We recommend a lacquer finish on furniture which will get everyday use and be wiped off regularly with soap and water.

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