A Family Connection with the Alfred Maine Shakers


Mr. Hobbs has sent us the following information about some of his ancestors who lived at the Alfred Shaker Community in Maine.

"My grandfather, William H. Coolbroth & Eben, his brother, were placed with the Shakers upon the death of their mother circa 1860. They left together as young men and went into carpentry business in Portland. Eben soon went back to Alfred and lived out his life there and I believe is buried in the Shaker cemetery. I have a photograph of the two brothers at a later date in front of the Shaker Store and another of Eben in front of the Sabbathday Lake Post office. ..... William's daughter Edna also lived with the community for about three years spanning 1917. I have a photo of her with several ladies I presume were Shaker sisters. Also in this photo is my Grandmother, Mother, and one of Edna's sisters taken Labor Day 1917."

William H. Coolbroth & his brother Eben Eben Coolbroth
William H. Coolbroth and his brother Eben Coolbroth Eben Coolbroth
Edna, Esther, and Elsie Coolbroth
Left to Right
1st Row: Mrs William Coolbroth, Edna Coolbroth, unknown
2nd Row: unknown, Ester Coolbroth, unknown
3rd Row: Elsie Coolbroth, others unknown